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I T S The Bull Moose Line - Sunset HIll's Illiana Train Society

                            The Sunset Hill's Illiana Train Society Story A Beginning To say that the Bull Moose Line came together without a formal plan might be just a bit of an understatement. Yet the elements that led to its construction were hardly a gleam in the eyes of the sixteen founding members of the original Illiana Train Society when they met at Samuelson’s Greenhouse in 2003 to begin a mutual G-Scale railroad group. What had begun the previous year as a personal canvas by Max Samuelson to find practicing Garden Railroaders in the tri-state area of Northern Indiana, Southwestern Michigan and the Northeastern suburbs of Illinois, led to the founding of the society and ultimately to the construction of the Society’s G-scale Train Garden. Since 1998 Max an avid G-Scaler, with a family greenhouse business and a small hobby shop, enjoyed the fulfillment of Garden Railroading. With his wife Fran, he built a dual line Railroad Garden around a two lev

The Bull Moose Line - Sunset Hill’s Illiana Train Society

The Bull Moose Line Reborn At Sunset Hill Farm Park   The "Bull Moose Line" G-scale Railway Garden is being rebuilt at Sunset Hill Farm Count Park   l ocated  just off of  US Route 6 and at 775 Meridian Road,  north of Valparaiso Indiana.                                             US 6   A Name Change               To more closely identify with the move to the Sunset Hill Farm County Park the membership of the  Society voted to change their name to “Sunset Hill’s Illiana Train Society" * Sunset Hill's Illiana Train Society Relocation  Committee Lance Molenda, Owen Todd, George Sarver, David Ransom, David Casey, Gary Barneko * l Rather than build a layout as most G-scale modeling groups do, the Relocation C ommittee  is seeking  $52,000.00 in donations  to use outside contractors to   replicat e  the original “Bull Moose Line” layout above the septic field  on the east  side of Sunset