Sunset Hill’s Illiana Train Society “Bull Moose Line" Railway Garden Visual Elements

The Turntable

The rail yard will be the transportation hub of the "Bull Moose Line" and the focal point of any rail yard is the turntable. A railway turntable or wheelhouse is the device used for turning locomotives so that they can move back into the direction from which they came or be relocated to another track.

Fully functional, the "Bull Moose Line" turntable will allow engines to move from the engine house onto the turntable to connect with a designated side track in the rail yard that connects to a main line track and back again This activity may be set-up as a hands-on interactive for I T S train garden visitors to activate.

A Name Change

To more closely identify with the move to the Sunset Hill Farm County Park the membership of the  Society voted to change their name to “Sunset Hill’s Illiana Train Society"


Sunset Hill's Illiana Train Society Relocation Committee

Lance Molenda, Owen Todd, George Sarver, David Ransom, David Casey, Gary Barneko

Rather than build a layout as most G-scale modeling groups do, the Relocation Committee is seeking 
$52,000.00 in donations 
to use outside contractors to replicate the original “Bull Moose Line” over the septic field 

on the north side of Sunset Hill Farm County Park.

The committee members hope to open the venue for public viewing sometime in 2019.


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