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Previewing Sunset Hill’s Illiana Train Society Railway Garden. Sunset Hill’s Illiana Train Society  is  bringing the ‘Bull Moose Line”  to  Sunset Hill Farm Park . Template for proposed Sunset Hill's Illiana Train Society  "Bull Moose Layout" The plan by the Building Commettee is to have subcontractors construct the train garden following the  original 2004 design  by Art Maxwell that was  enhanced  by the addition  of Franville in 2005 and an Engine Yard in 2007.                                                            The 2004 original Art Maxwell design for the "Bull Moose Line" at Samuelson's Greenhouse. The 2005 town of Franville addition.   The  2007   Rail Yard additionby Max Samuelson, George Jangesic, Mike Hughes and Tom Krieger. Sunset Hill’s Illiana Train Society Building Committee Lance Molenda, Owen Todd, George Sarver, Dave Ransom, Dave Casey  &