Sunset Hill's Illiana Train Society 

                                                                     I T S the "Bull Moose Line"

To more closely identify with their move to the Sunset Hill Farm County Park the membership of Samulsons Illiana Garden Train Society voted to change their name to
"Sunset Hill's Illiana Train Society."

Here is the official ballot tally for the Society name change to Sunset Hill’s Illiana Train Society.

Number of member ballots received after the 12:00 noon cut off time on February 14, 2018
and Society members solicited who did not respond = Thirteen (13)
Number of Ballots received before the 12:00 noon cut off time on February 14, 2018 = Seven (7)
Number of ballots with “Yes” votes received for the name change = Seven (7) “Approved”
Number of ballots with “No” votes received = Zero (0) “Not Approved”
The “Yes” vote majority passed the name change, 7 to 0, 100% of the votes submitted.
By a vote of 7 to 0 the name change to “Sunset Hill’s Illiana Train Society” was approved by the Society  membership.

That's how the the G-scale model train group became


  1. When will construction resume? Are there any regular meetings? I would like to get more involved.

  2. The relocation committee notes that more work will be completed in the Spring of 2019. Meetings are scheduled for the third Thursday of each month except in January and February at the Sunset Hill Farm Park Meeting room from 6:00 to 8:00 pm..


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