The Bull Moose Line

The Bull Moose Line


To say that The Bull Moose Line name came together without a preconceived plan by the Society members might be just a bit of an understatement. Yet the elements that led to its naming began in 2004. 

By happenstance, at this first public G-scale train display by the Society, a lone “Bull Moose” figurine found its way onto the layout. It was a a precursor of things to come. More “Moose,” in various woodland poses, 
seemed to materialized every week. 

The “Moose” collection grew to fifteen, then more. A nickname for the Society’s initial  outdoor G-scale railroad line at Samuelsons Greenhouse began to take form. By now it became obvious to everyone, there was no other choice than to nickname the outdoor layout “The Bull Moose Line.”

The relocation of the Society’s “Bull Moose Line” (lock stock and barrel) to the 
Sunset Hill Farm Porter County Park as 
“Sunset Hill’s Illiana Train Society” 
will again test the construction and modeling skills of all the Society Members.
It seems that there is still plenty of work ahead to be done along the 
“The Bull Moose Line.” 

Maybe a holding pen for the growing "Herd of Moose" will be added.


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