#4 Trestles, Bridges & Cribbing

Planned visual elements for Sunset Hill’s Illiana Train Society “Bull Moose Line”  


Trestles, Bridges & Cribbing

These visual effects will offer the “Bull Moose Line” a unique suspended right-of-way on a series of trestle bents.  Trains  will travel the track over a roadway held in place by cribbing timbers to join wooden trestle bents that carry the track elevation up and around the lower mill pond to a crossover compression bridge. Following the risers upgrade the trains will move along track to circle the upper reflection pond, then descend along a cribbing held roadway through a tunnel to  once again circle the lower mill pond.  

An addition covered bridge will sit as a set piece on the track, over the water fall on the upper reflection pond, where Thomas The Train and friends will travel.


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