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#5 The Meandering Stream

Planned visual elements for Sunset Hill’s Illiana Train Society “Bull Moose Line”
The Meandering Stream

The cascading waters flowing from the upper Reflection Pond to the lower Mill Pond create a soothing background sound for the “Bull Moose Line” G-scale trains whistle and chuug to play against. Although visuals are an important part of the outdoor garden, sound will bring the train garden to life.
In addition to providing continuous movement and sound the gurgling waters will present opportunities for additional spot vignette presentations along the "Bull moose Line" right-of-way
 Such as a working grist mill.

A group of shore side vacation homes. 

Or a functioning logging mill.

#4 Trestles, Bridges & Cribbing

Planned visual elements for Sunset Hill’s Illiana Train Society “Bull Moose Line”
              #4 Trestles, Bridges & Cribbing

These visual effects will offer the “Bull Moose Line” a unique suspended right-of-way on a series of trestle bents.  Trains  will travel the track over a roadway held in place by cribbing timbers to join wooden trestle bents that carry the track elevation up and around the lower mill pond to a crossover compression bridge. Following the risers upgrade the trains will move along track to circle the upper reflection pond, then descend along a cribbing held roadway through a tunnel to  once again circle the lower mill pond.  

An addition covered bridge will sit as a set piece on the track, over the water fall on the upper reflection pond, where Thomas The Train and friends will travel.

Construction Progress #4

I T S Construction Progress #4

Construction Begins at Sunset Hill Farm Park

Sunset Hill’s Illiana Train Society is using a new tactic to build the railroad garden at Sunset Hill Farm Park.

Unlike typical railroad G-scale modelers who construct their layout from the ground up, the Society's Board of Directors is in the process of collecting $20,000.00 in donations to employ outside construction firms to build the “Bull Moose Line” venue.

When circumstances permit the County Park District will also provide equipment assistance and manpower to develop the garden layout site.

The Bull Moose Line

The Bull Moose Line


To say that The Bull Moose Line name came together without a preconceived plan by the Society members might be just a bit of an understatement. Yet the elements that led to its naming began in 2004. 

By happenstance, at this first public G-scale train display by the Society, a lone “Bull Moose” figurine found its way onto the layout. It was a a precursor of things to come. More “Moose,” in various woodland poses, 
seemed to materialized every week. 

The “Moose” collection grew to fifteen, then more. A nickname for the Society’s initial  outdoor G-scale railroad line at Samuelsons Greenhouse began to take form. By now it became obvious to everyone, there was no other choice than to nickname the outdoor layout “The Bull Moose Line.”

The relocation of the Society’s “Bull Moose Line” (lock stock and barrel) to the 
Sunset Hill Farm Porter County Park as 
“Sunset Hill’s Illiana Train Society”
will again test the construction and modeling skills of all the Society M…

#3 Figure Eight Over And Under Track

Planned visual elements for Sunset Hill’s Illiana Train Society “Bull Moose Line”  

                                             Figure Eight Over And Under Track

At the heart of the garden railways design, the water feature gives the venue a stone hill for a figure eight track allowing trains to cross over the water via a compression  bridge, circle the upper reflection pond and then dive under the downhill stream through a tunnel to continue on around the lower mill pond. This visual effect provides the “Bull Moose Line” with a unique right-of-way  to travel over and under the cascading waters.

July 4, 2018

Have a Wonderful Independence Day

Construction Progress #3

I T S Construction Progress #3
Building the "Bull Moose Line" at Sunset Hill Farm July 1, 2018