Sunset Hill's Illiana Train Society 

I T S the "Bull Moose Line"
To more closely identify with their move to the Sunset Hill Farm County Park the membership of Samulsons Illiana Garden Train Society voted to change their name to "Sunset Hill's Illiana Train Society."
Here is the official ballot tally for the Society name change to Sunset Hill’s Illiana Train Society.
Number of member ballots received after the 12:00 noon cut off time on February 14, 2018
and Society members solicited who did not respond = Thirteen (13) Number of Ballots received before the 12:00 noon cut off time on February 14, 2018 = Seven (7) Number of ballots with “Yes” votes received for the name change = Seven (7) “Approved” Number of ballots with “No” votes received = Zero (0) “Not Approved” The “Yes” vote majority passed the name change, 7 to 0, 100% of the votes submitted. By a vote of 7 to 0 the name change to “Sunset Hill’s Illiana Train Society” was approve…

Sunset Hill's Illiana Train Society - Train Garden Progress

Sunset Hill's Illiana Train Society - Train Garden Progress

Three Years and Counting...

In 2017 the Porter County Parks Department  agreed to host the Illiana Train Society and a locastion was chosen on the east side of Sunset Hill County Park for the Train Garden Venue

The Building Commettie formaly broke ground for the Train Garden venue
 in the Spring of 2018.

Unlike typical railroad G-scale modelers  who construct their layout from the ground up,  The Sunset Hill’s Illiana Train Society's Relocation Committee  began collecting $52,000.00 in donations to employ outside contractors to rebuild the 
“Bull Moose Line”

The relocation group managed to tear down the original "Bull Moose Line" layout at Samuelsons Greenhouse in the fall of 2018 and then transport the dregs to the Sunset Hill site.

 The Porter County Park District provided assistance 
to build the railroad garden  when equipment and staff where  available

Will Sunset Hill's Illiana Train Society "Bull Moose" Train Garden be ready in 2020

The "Bull Moose" line, three years and counting.

A $52,000.00 Train Garden Project

 Unlike typical railroad G-scale modelers who construct their layout from the ground up, the Society's Building Committee members 
Lance Molenda, Owen Todd, George Sarver, David Ransom, David Casey and Gary Barneko decided to collect donations  and employ outside construction to move the “Bull Moose Line” model railroad venue to Sunset Hill Farm Park from Samuelson's Greenhouse. In the last twenty-four months the Building Committee 
 managed to have sod removed for the “Bull Moose Line” railroad garden placementover the septic field on the east side of Sunset Hill Farm with manpower and equipment assistance from the county park district 

I T S The Bull Moose Line - Sunset HIll's Illiana Train Society

        The Sunset Hill's Illiana Train Society Story

A Beginning
To say that the Bull Moose Line came together without a formal plan might be just a bit of an understatement. Yet the elements that led to its construction were hardly a gleam in the eyes of the sixteen founding members of the original Illiana Train Society when they met at Samuelson’s Greenhouse in 2003 to begin a mutual G-Scale railroad group.
What had begun the previous year as a personal canvas by Max Samuelson to find practicing Garden Railroaders in the tri-state area of Northern Indiana, Southwestern Michigan and the Northeastern suburbs of Illinois, led to the founding of the society and ultimately to the construction of the Society’s G-scale Train Garden.
Since 1998 Max an avid G-Scaler, with a family greenhouse business and a small hobby shop, enjoyed the fulfillment of Garden Railroading. With his wife Fran, he built a dual line Railroad Garden around a two level water feature at their home. The two also er…